The Creepy Nature of Bedbugs

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With Halloween being just over a week away, we’ve seen everything from spider webs to gravestones and everything in-between line the streets of our hometowns and believe us: some of these displays are pretty creepy.  However, there is one really frightening critter that people deal with all the time, and despite its small size, just the sight of one is enough to make your skin crawl. Come join us today, as we explain to you just how creepy and spooky the bedbug can be!

Sure, when looking at a bedbug for the first time, it may not seem like that much of a big deal.  Yeah, it may be a pest, but how bad can they actually be? Well, to really visualize how bad bedbugs can be, think of them as something like Pennywise from Stephen King’s It or the thing from It Follows.  No, they won’t cause grave physical harm, but instead, bedbugs will follow you everywhere you go.  Once you they show up, they are incredibly hard to get rid of and they will literally latch onto your clothes or bags and follow you from place to place—meaning that trying to sleep in another place to escape them won’t do much good.  Not only that, but thanks to their high rates of reproduction, they will maintain their presence so long as you sleep in the same bed every night.

Yes, the fact that they will follow you everywhere is really spooky, but what’s even worse is how they eat. Taking a page out of Dracula’s handbook, these critters will feast on your blood, taking a chomp out of you in the process.  Evolution has taught these critters exactly what they like, as some species of bedbugs prefer the blood of some mammals over others, and actually need to ingest them to reproduce. Needless to say, you can expect countless pricks, bites, and open sores if bedbugs decide to camp out in your bed.

Luckily enough, you don’t need a silver bullet or a wooden stake to rid your home of these terrifying critters.  Instead, one call to a trusted and proven pest control company is all you need to wipe them off the face of your mattress, and anywhere else in your home where they may hide.  

This time of year is the time to have fun in being scared, but not to be scared for the health of you and your family.  One bedbug is all it takes to turn a great week into one riddled with sleepless nights and painful bites. If you spot one in your home, give Tri-County Pest Control a call as soon as you can, so you can go back to peacefully dreaming about all the candy you will steal from your kids after Halloween!

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