The Bedbug Epidemic

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Whether you’re taking a vacation to the other side of the globe or to the other side of the state, bedbugs could be lurking in your midsts.  It doesn’t matter if the place you’re staying at had 5 stars or 5 stains on the wall, bedbugs can be anywhere.  However, all you need to ensure that you don’t bring them back as a souvenir is a simple, 5-minute check.  Join us today, as we go over a comprehensive bedbug inspection strategy that is sure to keep you bedbug-free during and after the trip!

Once you arrive at your place of residence for your trip, try to keep your luggage out of the room, but if the bellhop is with you, just place your things in the bathroom—it is the least likely place for bedbugs to hide, as they do not like tile floor.  Then, you should head straight for where you would be the most likely to find a bedbug infestation: the bed.

To check for bedbugs in the bed, all you need to do is to peel back the sheets and mattress pad at the corners, and look for any type of brown residue.  These can be little pepper-like flakes, stains, or even bedbugs themselves.  However, it is important that if you see any of these aforementioned signs, that you call the front desk immediately and demand a new room.  Leave as soon as you can, as once they get into your luggage, you can bring them right back home with you unknowingly.

Should you find nothing on the bed, your next step is to check the rest of the room.  Look at the other furniture in the room, under the phone and clock, picture frames, and anything else that may happen to be in the room.  Again, you are looking for any type of brown residue, small pepper-like dots, or the critters themselves.  Once the room passes inspection, reach out and look in other spots of the place—for example, if you are staying in a condo slowly work from the bathroom out, searching all the places that you can access.  Bedbugs are crafty little critters, so be sure to be thorough and proactive.

If you are to remember anything about bedbugs, know this: you can never be too cautious.  That is why when you finally return home, you should throw all of your clothes into the washing machine on high heat, and then dry them on high as well, as this will eliminate any bedbugs or eggs that may have snuck their way into your things.  

Bedbugs are no traveler’s friend, but with a few simple additions to your trip, you can make sure that they will stay out of your hair (both figuratively and literally).  

For more bedbug prevention tips, or to get a quote on a treatment, give us a call today!

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