Surviving the Summer Pest Onslaught – from Tri-County Pest Control

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Ready or not, the summer insect onslaught has begun! While summer may be a great time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, it is also relentless for the yearly bug invasion.

Therefore, you need to take note and be fully aware of what may come, and also be educated as to how you can keep these pests from entering your home and causing havoc.

Our team at Tri-County Pest Control has put together a small list of summer pests to be in the lookout for as to avoid them:

House flies:  Got a barbecue going on in your backyard, expect these pests to not be too far behind as they will absolutely follow food. If you are indoors and allowing a warm summer breeze to flow through your house, make sure the screens don’t have any holes – as to essentially invite the flies in for the feast.

Mosquitoes: Because they can transmit viruses such as the West Nile, there is just no reason to want to have these pests frolicking about in your yard. Not only do they carry disease, but their bites sting for days afterwards. Mosquitoes love to flock to puddles and other items such as pots that can be filled with rain water. After a storm, be sure to inspect for any standing water on your property.

Ants: These pests are minuscule but mighty when it comes to crashing your outdoor party. If you mistakenly leave a path to the food, it might as well be a superhighway for them. In the summer months, especially, the best advice we can give you is to keep your counters and floors extra clean, and to keep all food in containers and sealed tight when you’re not eating.

Simply paying mind to these few thoughts will keep your summer season more pleasant for your friends, family and visitors alike.

If there is a sign of infestation, however, don’t hesitate to call us here at Tri-County. Our solutions we’ll have you back hosting the BBQ’s and parties in no time.




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