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If there is one thing that these multiple thunderstorms this week have taught us, it is that summer is fast approaching.  Summer means a lot of good things are coming their way, but they also mean that a horde of pests is not far behind. Among these pests is the tick, which is can be a damper on your summertime fun, but by no means does it have to be.  Keep on reading to see how you can defend against ticks this season!

Spray It Down

Summer can bring a lot of spontaneity with it, so keeping a can of DEET pest repellent in your car can come in handy at many times.  Ticks absolutely hate this pesticide, and by keeping a can in your car, you can make sure that no matter where your summer journeys take you, you will be protected.  Simply remember to spray yourself with it in wooded areas or at night to keep all of those nasty critters at bay!

Cover It Up

Spraying yourself down with a DEET pest repellent goes a long way in keeping ticks off of you, but it is not as effective as wearing long pants and sleeves.  Ticks need some flesh to latch onto, so by covering it up when heading out into to the woods, you can hike with peace of mind. Yet, covering up doesn’t necessarily mean getting heatstroke—there are plenty of lightweight fabrics out there which you can use to cover your arms and legs, without sweating your dry.

Check It Regularly

Whether you spent the beautiful summer day in the woods, at the lake, or anywhere in-between, it is always good practice to check your body for ticks after returning.  Ticks have the uncanny ability to hide in some creative places on your body, so take a few minutes before showering off to see if any stragglers made their way back to your house.  Should you find one, remove it as quickly and as safely as possible, but so long as you catch it early, you do not necessarily have to worry about contracting Lyme disease, or any other tick-borne illness—they will usually pop up when the tick has been latched on for a few days.  If you happen to find a tick that you think has been on you for a few days, keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a week. Yes, it is a little gross, but a doctor may want to test it, should anything happen.

Ticks are an unfortunate and inevitable part of the summer, but you can keep them from being a nuisance by sticking to these tips.

For more ticks and tricks on how to beat ticks and other pests, be sure to check back to our blog for new articles!

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