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Oh squirrels—totally curious critters that love to run through your garbage or empty out your bird feeder when you’re not looking.  While they are cute from the outside, squirrels can cause some massive headaches for homeowners, never mind that they can bring a few diseases right to your doorstep.  Yet with a little elbow grease, you can reduce the chance of them driving you crazy. Keep on reading to see some easy ways to keep squirrels at bay this summer!

Eliminate Smelly Trash

Squirrels are total opportunists, and will gladly rummage through your trash for an easy meal.  Therefore, it is important that you take out the trash regularly— especially if there is food waste in it—and ensure that your trash cans have securable lids to them.  If you are the regular host for backyard cookouts, this is especially important, as you can bet that the squirrels will smell that succulent barbecue from down the street, and will be waiting for their chance to sample your cooking.

 Brief Yard Cleanup

Yes, we know that it is hot and humid, but a quick cleanup around the yard can go a long way in keeping these squirrely critters out.  Remember that squirrels feel at home in a tree, so by ensuring that no tree branches touch your home you can lessen the chance that they will actually get into your home.  Furthermore, taking out any debris piles around your yard can also limit the chances of a squirrel running into your garage when your back is turned.

Call in Some Help

Should the squirrels be pretty bad around your home, you always have the option of calling in some backup.  As opposed to trying to solve the squirrel problem on your own, calling in the professionals will guarantee that the pest will not only be removed, but will be removed in a safe and humane manner.  Believe it or not, some DIY methods of dealing with a squirrel problem (that are not preventative measures) can be inhumane; calling in the professionals eliminates the chances of that happening. One call is all you need to get the squirrels out, and keep them out.

Just because squirrels seem to be out and about this summer does not mean that you have to continue to deal with them.  Give us a call today!

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