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August may certainly seem like the Sunday of summer, yet plenty are still flocking to the beach to squeeze out the last drops of summer.  If you find yourself heading out to a beach house, we want to let you know two things: first, that we are incredibly jealous, and second, that bedbugs can be lurking around the corner, waiting to send your summer getaway into a tailspin.  Yet, there’s no need to fear when you know what to do. Keep on reading to find out more!

It’s no secret that bedbugs are incredibly annoying and easy to spread, and since they have made it to the east coast in recent years, you can never be too careful—even at your summer rental.  When it comes to these pests, just one little stowaway can bring a whole infestation to your home. So, stick to these following tips to prevent these little guys from hitching a ride:

Check the Bed

Checking the bed and other furniture for bedbugs is a great place to start when arriving at your destination.  Leave your luggage either outside of the house or (at the very least) out of the bedroom, and pull back the corner of the sheets by the headboard.  If you see some rust-colored spots, it can be a sign of a bedbug infestation and you should contact the owner right away. If it looks all clear, check some of the other furniture in the room (still looking for those rust colored spots, or even bedbugs themselves).  Once everything is looking good, you can sleep soundly at night!

Live out of the Suitcase

It may seem a little weird at first, but do your best during your stay to keep items in your luggage, and keep it sealed at all times.  Since there is always the chance of bedbugs hiding in drawers and dressers, just play it safe and operate out of a container in which you know there are no bedbugs in.  For extra insurance, keep the luggage out of the bedroom.

Double Check at Home

After you have soaked up all of the sun you could handle, be sure to stay on guard when you return.  Unpack your luggage in the bathroom or other area where you will have bright light, and check over your clothes for any hitchhikers.  Finally, either wash or throw your clothes in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes (or even better—both), and then you should be good to look back on your vacation memories with bliss.

In these last moments of summer, don’t let bedbugs ruin the fun!  Stay smart, stay educated, and you’ll stay bedbug-free!

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