Spiders, spiders everywhere? Tri-County Pest says yes…and, no

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Spiders, spiders everywhere?

Or so, you think…

Is your mind playing a trick on you, or are spiders truly coming out of the woodwork, nooks, crannies and other dark spaces?

The answer is yes and well, it’s also no.

We get many calls this time of year – as the summer season fades to a Fall hue – from our customers and clients are experiencing an infestation of spiders, thinking they are coming in from the cold. The fact is there spiders that form an existence outside are an entirely different type than the ones that have taken up in your home or business.

An interesting fact is that the outdoor spider specifies cannot survive indoors. Additionally, the converse is also true.

Then why does it seem that your are seeing more spiders scamper across your floors and up your walls?

It’s mating season…

Other times of the year, spiders hide out in dark, out-of-the-way places. During the Autumn season, the males of the species wander outside their usual lairs in search of a mate.

So, don’t worry, they aren’t overtaking your place of business or home, either. They are simply working through their own version of the circle of life.

However, if you’re feeling uneasy about the spider situation, you know you can always give us a call. One of our expert Tri-County Pest Control techs will come out and assess the situation.

Happy almost Fall (one week from today)!

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