Scary Pests That Are More Than Meets the Eye

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“Ack, what is that?!”  Whether it is cleaning out the garage or just walking around the yard, we’ve all yelled that question when coming across a funky-looking pest.  Bugs can sure be scary—and scary looking—but some have received a bad reputation for no good reason other than their appearance.  Join us today, as we debunk some of these scary creatures, and tell you that there is no reason to fear when coming across these wacky pests!

Judging a book by its cover is never a good way to live, even when it comes to some of the creepy crawlies lurking around.  Here are some scary-looking pests that are actually beneficial to keep around!


Arachnophobes beware—these eight-legged critters are actually a lot better than what initially meets the eye.  Spiders are more scared of you than you are of them, and can actually reduce other bothersome pests if you keep them around.  No, we don’t mean to give them a seat at the dinner table, but letting a spider spin its web right outside your door can help keep some bothersome flies and moths out of your home.  Now, there are some exceptions to this, since there are spiders that you should never keep around; the brown recluse and black widow are two of the more infamous spiders you should keep out at all costs.  But, when it comes to other spiders, so long as they’re outside, they can be a benefit.

Cow killers

At a first glance, you’ll either want to cower in fear or be stunned in awe.  Cow killers are bright red, furry bugs that are a part of the wasp family, despite their ant-like appearance.  This pest landed itself in the Pest Hall of Shame due to an old wives tale that their sting is powerful enough to kill a cow.  Needless to say, it is untrue, but they will pack a fatal sting when it comes to other pesky bugs.  Cow killers are a great form of natural pest defense to keep around, and so long as you wear shoes when outside, you have nothing to fear from these critters.  Just don’t keep them as a pet…trust us on that one.

Praying Mantis

We covered the mantis in our last edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, but it is worth another mention here.  It’s really freaky at first, but you’ll later realize that they’re awesome to have around—especially if you have a garden.  For more information about the praying mantis, go see our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!

Living a life of judging books by their cover is certainly no way to live, even when it comes to pests.  While no pest should be in your home, you can benefit greatly by having some of them in your yard, garden, or pool area.

If you have a pest problem (or even a lack of these aforementioned pests) give us a call today, and we can come out to make sure your home is defended!

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