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As we settle into the colder months of the year, you are more and more likely to have a few critters come wandering into your home for warmth.  While some of these are quite harmless (take the moth for example, and feel free to check out our article last Wednesday to learn more about them) some of these pests can be a great concern to your and your family.  Rats are just one of these many critters, and their presence can be a great disturbance to the homeowner.  Join us today as we go over some tips on keeping the rats at bay this season, and what to do if you have them in your home!

Like with many pests, the best way to prevent a rat infestation is to stop it before it can even start.  Rats are little contortionists—they can squeeze their body to fit into many tight spaces if it means it will get them to somewhere warm.  With this being said, be sure to check around the exterior of your home for any cracks, openings, or holes, and patch them up immediately.  Not only that, but also try to trim any branches that are touching your home, since they can use these as bridges to get to your home.

Now that the exterior is covered, you are also going to need to focus on the interior of your home.  Clean up any crumbs in the kitchen, keep trash covered, and throw out fruit peels once they are eaten.  Rats can smell all of these from a great distance away, and will try to get an easy meal.  Keeping clutter to a minimum around your home can also go a long way, as these piles are very inviting to rats to burrow in.

In conjunction with all of these, there are also some simple tips you can use to keep rats out for good.  For example, taking a few cotton balls, soaking them in peppermint oil and placing them around a rat-prone area (like the attic, basement, or pantry) will do wonders to keep them away, as rats cannot stand the smell.  Also, a mixture of 2 tablespoons of dish detergent, a quarter of a glass of water, and 2 cups of ammonia will make for an extremely effective repellent.  

Despite all of your efforts, there is still the slim chance that a rat will find a way into your home.  When this happens, do not panic, nor reach for chemical-laden sprays or a mousetrap.  Instead, pick up the phone and give us a call, as we can remove the rat without harm to either you or the critter.  Do-it-yourself pest control may not always provide the results that you want, especially when using chemical sprays, as too little won’t do anything and too much can put your family’s health at risk.  So, if you feel as though you have a rat lurking upstairs, give us a call, and we’ll get them out once and for all.

For more pest control tips and tricks, be sure to check back to our blog every Monday for our newest article!

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