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In case you have not noticed, pumpkins are becoming quite abundant this time of year.  Stores are strewn with pumpkin spiced foods and knickknacks, and it seems as thought arts and crafts stores are brimming with pumpkin paraphernalia.  Not only that, but pretty soon, you can expect to see jack-o-lanterns lining your street, providing the classic fall feel to your neighborhood.  While carved pumpkins are a favorite tradition for us at Tri-County Pest Control, there are a few pests who would love nothing more than to make a nice meal out of it.  Here are a few ways that you can defend your pumpkins this fall.

First a foremost, the best way to keep your pumpkin standing this fall is to clean out all of the “guts”.  Pros in the pumpkin-carving field abide by this, and it is essential to keeping your carving fresh.  Leaving the guts in there can expedite the decomposition process, which will attract all sorts of critters.  The less guts there are in the pumpkin, the less likely the chance is that a fruit fly colony will come swarming towards it.  

In addition, an easy way you can keep the critters away is to spray the inside of your pumpkin with peppermint oil, or to clean it with peppermint soap.  Unlike humans, pests hate the smell of peppermint, and will want to steer completely clear.  Also, peppermint oil will keep fungi at bay.  Did we mention that it will leave your pumpkin smelling great?

Another easy way to keep your pumpkin looking great is to limit the amount of time that it is spent in the outdoors.  Ideally, a carved pumpkin should be kept around 41-50 degrees to effectively slow down the decomposition process, which is not always the case on a fall day.  Our recommendation is to hold off on displaying them until Halloween, but it you want to put them out before, then choose a spot on your porch that does not have much exposure to the sun or the elements.  By keeping your pumpkin away from warm, moist places, you can stop it from rotting, which in turns prevents it from becoming a pest haven.

Clowns, vampires, and a pest-infested rotted pumpkin are all up there with Halloween fears.  Don’t let your pumpkin become an eyesore to passersbys and “Trick or Treat”-ers.  Protect your jack-o-lantern today with our quick, simple tips!

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