Preventing Pests this Holiday Season

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The big man in red is coming in just about two weeks, and he’ll be bringing nothing but joy, presents, and the spirit of Christmas with him.  So will family, friends, and even you!  However, in light of all this celebration, be careful that you, your family, or even Santa himself, do not bring anything unwanted into your home this season, one that could potentially have a devastating effect on your holiday.  But don’t fret, for we’re here with a few quick tips to prevent the influx of pests in the coming weeks.

Decorating for the holidays is a beautiful event for the entire family, but some decorations can bring some unwelcomed hitchhikers.  For example, pinecones are a great holiday decoration, but throw them in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes before you put them out, as this will kill any type of bug that is inside them.  Picking up some poinsettias?  Check under the leaves before you head to the check-out line to make sure that there are no whiteflies on them (very small, pearly white flies), as bringing these scoundrels inside may lead to a nasty Christmas present.  For Christmas tree care, please check out one of our latest posts.

What’s the point of decorating if you have no sweet treats to go along with them?  Baking cookies and treats can be quite the experience, but leaving a messy workstation is sure to bring critters far and wide to your kitchen.  Wipe up messes promptly, and store your baking goods (flour, sugar, spices, etc) in airtight containers to make sure no rodent can get to them in your pantry.  Keeping a clean kitchen will only take a few minutes—it’ll look great, and it will keep the pests at bay.

Is there family staying over during the holiday?  When it comes to the holiday, the more the merrier, except when it comes to bedbugs.  To prevent a bedbug infestation in your home, have your visitors place their things on the guest bed, or clean out that front closet and keep it in there.  Wherever your guests plan to sleep, make sure they sleep on a sheet, specifically one that can be laundered easily.  Once they leave, throw that sheet or bed set into the dryer right away on high heat for 30 minutes, and vacuum the bed.  This strategy will effectively eliminate any potential bedbugs threats your guests may have on your home.

Well, there you have it, a few tips to keep out the pests this holiday.  While we can’t guarantee what Santa will bring you, we can help you prevent a gift that will certainly keep on giving; and no, we’re not talking about a New York Times or a Jelly of the Month Club subscription.   

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