Post-Holiday Cleanup Guide

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‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house, some creatures were stirring, even a mouse.  There were crumbs scattered throughout the house without care, surely sending a message to pests everywhere.  

Pests at anytime of year are no good, but pests right after Christmas can sure put a damper on your post-holiday mood.  Read on to find quick and simple ways to keep the pests out of the house even after the holidays!

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to keep pests out of your house right after the holidays is to make sure that you do your diligence in cleaning up.  Make sure that all food scraps are in the trash, and any and all leftovers are packed in airtight containers, preferably in the refrigerator.  Being that today is seen as the unofficial national Pajama Day, perhaps take a few minutes to run the vacuum throughout the kitchen, the dining room, and anywhere else where food was.

Branching off of this, mopping your floors clean will prove to be an effective pest deterrent, especially if any alcohol was split on it during the weekend.  Pests love the scent of alcohol, especially beer, which they can smell from a mile away.  Stop pests right in their tracks by being proactive with a mop.

Another simple way to keep pests at bay is to wash any sheets that have been used by guests over the weekend.  Bedbug infestations ramp up during the holidays, due to the large influx of travelers around the country.  No matter how clean you think your brother’s and sister’s families are, they can still be a vector for bedbugs.  Washing your sheets on high and then drying them on the highest setting are a sure way to kill any bedbugs (or their eggs) still in the sheets.

Same thing applies if you travelled to a relative’s house over the weekend—wash all of your clothes on high upon returning home to stop the bedbugs before they start.

Post-holiday depression happens to all of us, but don’t let pests make it worst.  Be proactive and keep pests at bay today!

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