Pests That Bugged the Pilgrims

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Turkey time is almost here, Tri-County Pest Control fans!  We’re coming up on just about 400 years of the Thanksgiving holiday, but did you know that some of the pests you deal with today proved to be quite bothersome for the Pilgrims of yesteryear?  Keep on reading to see what kind of pests bugged the colonies!


Weevils are a critter that we don’t see too much of anymore, but during the time of the Pilgrims, they were a formidable pest indeed.  During the 17th and 18th centuries, voyages across the Atlantic would take weeks, meaning that there had to be adequate food on board to sustain the crew.  However, if a weevil wiggled its way into the crates while the ship was at shore, they would chow down on the food stored for the trip. Pretty gross, but what’s even worse is that sailors welcomed the sight of them, as it meant extra protein.  We wouldn’t recommend having them on the menu this holiday, but hey, to each their own.


Yes, cockroaches were as much of a nuisance back then as they are today.  Since they thrive in dirty environments, you better believe that they were present at the first Thanksgiving, as those eating conditions were anything but sanitary.  The Pilgrims had little concept of competent pest control strategies or the reason behind their presence, so their only solution was to step on them—something which is not sustainable for long-term control over these critters. 


Finally, the biggest pest of all the Pilgrims had to deal with, is one of the biggest pests we deal with today: flies.  Just like cockroaches, flies thrive in unsanitary conditions, so the Plymouth Colony was the perfect place for the fly to thrive.  Besides being annoying, flies would spread disease, making them a formidable pest for the Pilgrims. All they could do was swat at them, which did not prove to be very effective for long-term management.

In the decades following the landing at Plymouth, many things have changed for the better, including pest control.  So, while you may unfortunately have to deal with the same pests that the Pilgrims had to deal with, they are hardly a problem nowadays.  Just give us a call and you can say goodbye to any pest problem you may have.

From all of us at Tri-County Pest Control, we wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

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