Pest Myths: DIY Pest Control Works Just as Well as Professional Pest Control

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Happy Friday, Tri-County Pest Control fans, and welcome to our latest edition of Pest Myths! In these blogs, we look into some of the most common pest myths out there and see if there is any truth to the claims. Before heading into the weekend, keep reading to see us tackle one of the most common myths when it comes to pest control: do-it-yourself pest control is just as effective as professional pest control.

When it comes to a pest problem, you’re much more inclined to take care of it yourself. For example, seeing a fly zipping across your house doesn’t need the full force of a professional pest control team to take care of it; you can just reach for the flyswatter or newspaper and take care of it yourself. Same goes for a spider or two—just grab a cup or a rolled-up newspaper and you can quickly get rid of the problem. Usually, that’s how we would handle something like that, but things get a little complicated when there’s more than just one critter around.

Believe it or not, some instances of DIY pest control can be both inefficient and dangerous to undergo. Take termite for example. Sure, you can easily search online for ways to remove termites, but in many of these cases there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to getting rid of a termite infestation—a lot depends on the stage of the infestation and where they are. In situations like that, especially if they have been around in your support beams for a while, prodding around without the necessary know-how can be detrimental to your home. For situations like this, it’s always best to turn to the experts.

Sure, there are plenty of over-the-counter remedies for almost any pest problem out there, but you always need to remember just how much bang you’re getting for your buck. In some cases, it might be better to forgo those couple of packs of ant traps that won’t work for a time-tested professional service that will make quick work of whatever infestation or pest problem you may have.

DIY pest control is great for small things, but once you notice that there’s more than just one critter hanging around (or they’re in a hard-to-reach area), then it may be time to call in the cavalry. So, with all that being said, our verdict is: mostly false.

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