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Nothing quite compliments the holiday season more than the smell of fresh evergreen in your home.  The gentle yet soothing scent sends tides of joy and goodwill to anyone who walks in, and truly serves as a harbinger of the most wonderful time of the year.  Now, while going out to get a fresh tree makes for some wholesome family fun, we want you to be aware that pests can be lurking in them—ones that may stick around for Christmas dinner.  However, these pests are easily preventable with a few simple tips.  Join us today, as we give you a comprehensive guide for finding a pest-free Christmas tree!

A huge factor that can mean the difference between bringing Christmas tree pests into your home and not is what you do before cutting it down.  When you go out to get a tree, be sure to bring a flashlight with you, as it will help you see some of the hard-to-reach spots that could have potential pests lurking in them.  Once you have found “the” tree, take your flashlight and look inside, making sure to investigate the underside of the branches and the trunk.  Look for eggs, egg casings, webs, and critters in general.  If you spot some, be sure to shake the tree to dislodge them before cutting it down, as it will take out all the pests (and other things) that are getting cozy in the tree.

Now, when you bring the tree home, we advise you to take a few cautionary steps before erecting it in the family room.  Lay a white sheet down on the ground, place the cut tree on top, and begin to vigorously shake the tree for a few minutes.  While the shaking will dislodge more pests, the white sheet underneath will help you see everything that falls, ensuring that you have a pest-free tree when no more eggs or pests fall onto the sheet.  However, if you want to take an extra step, leaving the tree in the garage for the next few days can help to draw out any lingering pests, as the change in climate will cause them to scurry out of the tree without putting your home at immediate risk.  

Finally, when placing the tree into your home, have a vacuum handy in case any critters pop out.  From spiders to beetles to aphids and other insects, you never quite know what can come out, so please be prepared.  Although, if you follow the above steps, we almost guarantee that no Christmas tree pests will pose a threat to ruin your holiday,

Just a word of wisdom, though—please do not use aerosol pesticides on your tree once it is inside.  Not only will it release hazardous fumes into the air, which can become a huge health concern, but it will not remove insects as well as our guide does.  Stick to our above guide, and you’ll be good to go.

For more helpful pest control tips and tricks, be sure to check back every Monday for our latest blog!

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