What Do Pest Control and Real Estate Have in Common? Tri-County Knows…

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We believe that peace of mind is a priceless commodity.

If you have entrusted us with managing your pest control, be it in your home or your business, we want to continue to give your peace of mind following our remediation of your pests.

This is especially true when speaking of termites and the irreparable damage you at first think they may have caused.

While termites are actually an important part of the ecosystem in their duties to recycle wood and other plant materials, they cause in the billions of dollars in damage annually to wooden homes and other structures.

So, in other words, they are a true-to-form necessary evil.

But, you may ask, what if I have encountered termite damage in my own home that I am about to put on the market for sale; or I’m in the market for a home and want to make absolute sure that it hasn’t incurred, or has been wholly repaired from termite damage.

This is where peace of mind comes in…

Did you know that termite certifications carry serious financial and legal ramifications? Therefore, you should not entrust yours to anyone but the best state credentialed inspectors. Our Tri-County inspectors are among the most experienced and practiced in the industry.

Want to sleep better at night and stop worrying about termites?

We know just the thing.

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