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It’s safe to assume that we’ve all seen ants of the black variety. However, as you spend more time outdoors during the summer months – you have probably also noticed ants of a red color. These are widely know, as “fire ants”.

But just what are fire ants all about and what makes them ‘tick’? We explore that here.

In terms of the New Jersey fire ant, here is what you will most likely see and experience:

  • They are reddish-brown in color and in terms of size, range in one-eighth-of-an-inch to three-eights.
  • Fire ants do sting/and or, bite. While most of their stings usually result in just a raised welt, those who are allergic could absolutely be putting themselves in a dire sitation when stung. Additionally, be mindful of your surroundings as you can receive dozens and or even hundreds of stings and bites if you accidentally kneel on or next to a fire ant mound.
  • You will most likely find fire ants nesting in soil. They will also build large mounds on lawns ansd farms. It is also known that these ants can and will contruct sometimes dozens of mounds on one single lawn.
  • Fire ants also can and will sting both humans and animals repeatedly.

In the event of fire ant activity, call us here at Tri-County Pest Control as our team can manage any lawn mound infestsations while creating a barrier to protect against any invasions to the indoor portion your property.



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