No Place Like a Bedbug Free Home for the Holidays

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With the holidays inching closer and closer, many people have started to arrange travel arrangements for uniting with their families for the festive season.  No matter how you plan to travel—train, plane, or automobile—we hope that you will have a bedbug free adventure. Read on to read how you can stay bedbug free this holiday season!

When traveling on mass transportation, such as a train or plane, it is imperative that your luggage remain zipped and closed tight in all compartments, since any bedbugs present could find a way to wiggle into a tiny crack and infest your clothes.  Chances of this happening are quite slim, but it always a good habit to make sure that there are no holes or openings in your luggage prior to traveling. In addition, putting your clothes into resealable zipper storage bags or vacuum sealed bags can help with organization and help to keep the bedbugs out!

Now, whenever you get to the place you plan to stay for the holidays, whether it be your in-law’s house or a hotel, do a quick bedbug-check before you settle in.  Here’s how to do it: Leave your luggage outside the room, and peel back the corner of the sheets and mattress pad. Look for small brown and rust colored spots about the size of the period used in this article.  In addition, look for bedbugs themselves—they are small, flat, brown critters. If you see any present in your room, either ask for a new one or leave, as it is much better to stay somewhere bedbug-free than to have to be subjected to their bloodsucking habits.  On the other hand, if you don’t see anything, then you’re probably in the clear.

Guests can also be unwitting transporters of bedbugs, so what do you do if you’re planning on having company over the holidays?  Well, we recommend to invest in a bedbug-proof mattress pad to put on the guest-room bed before they arrive. This simple change will keep the bedbugs from infesting your mattress should any arrive with your guests, and it’s just a good piece of protection to have.  Some will even kill the bedbugs for you, which is crazy! Anyway, once your guests clear out, throw all the sheets into the wash and dry on high heat to kill any potential bedbugs and their eggs left in the sheets—you need to clean the sheets anyway, so you might as well just take the extra step and kill two birds with one stone.

The holidays are no doubt a great time of year, so don’t let a few pesky pests ruin it for you.  Stick to these simple tips, and you’ll be good to go!

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