Memorial Day Cookout Pest Defense

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Memorial Day is right around the corner!  The unofficial start of the summer is next Monday, and we’re sure that many of you are planning to do some sort of outdoors activity, especially a cookout.  While cookouts are great for bonding with friends, they can attract a multitude of pests that want to have their share of the food. Keep on reading to see which pests to watch out for and how you can defend against them!

When it comes to cookouts, you can bet that mosquitoes will make an appearance at one point or another.  They’re more likely to come out when the sun starts to set, but at any time—especially if it’s a hot day—they may pop their heads out to get a quick bite.  It’s not food that they’re looking for, but rather, it’s your blood! To stop these critters from making a meal out of you and your guests, a little bit of prep work is in order.  Before you have your guests over, do your due diligence to eliminate any stagnant water from your property, as mosquitoes thrive in those environments. In addition, it may be worth it to invest in some citronella candles.  Light them up once the sun starts to sink for some easy, DIY mosquito protection!

Another pest you may come across is the Japanese beetle.  Small and nimble, these critters will latch onto just about anything.  To keep them out, be sure to give your lawn a nice cut before the big day, as the beetles use tall grass to hide.  Cut it down and they’ll be open to predators, meaning less of them invading your next cookout.

Out of all of these pests, however, they are not as annoying as the ant.  Rolling in a dime a dozen, ants will come out in force once they smell the sweet scents of your cookout.  To keep them at a minimum, be sure to clean up any spills that may occur, as once the food hits the ground, you can bet that a whole bunch of ants will be gunning straight for it.  In addition, general cleanliness goes a long way to keep ants in their place. A quick cleanup job after the festivities have ended will make short work of future ant invasions on your backyard.

While there are plenty of pests out there in the wild blue yonder, they are no reason to put a damper on your Memorial Day.  By sticking to these simple tips, you’ll be good to go without any annoying pests getting in your way of having a good time.

From all of us at Tri-County Pest Control, we wish you and your families a great Memorial Day!

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