The Legend of the Christmas Spider

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Well Tri-County Pest Control fans, we’re less than a week away from the jolly man in red coming down chimneys everywhere!  The season always seems to go speeding by, doesn’t it?  Before we get to Christmas itself, we would like to share with you one of our favorite Christmas tales: the Legend of the Christmas Spider.

A long time ago, in a land far away from this one, a mother was busy cleaning her home for Christmas Eve.  Some spiders, staying nice and warm in their cozy corner of the home, were forced to scurry away to the attic, or else they would be swept up by the mother’s frantic cleaning.  However, the spiders were upset that they could not be present for when the Christ child came to bless the house, so the oldest and wisest spider suggested that they could peep into the living room, and wait until the morning to see the child.

So, the spiders left their refuge in the attic, and crept down to the living room.  Upon arriving, they laid their eyes on the Christmas tree, beautifully decorated with glistening ornaments.  The spiders, having never seen a tree like this before, needed a closer look, so they all scurried up the tree, climbing all over it until they saw every last beauty.  However, when they were done, they realized that they left their web all of the tree, covering the branches, ornaments, and needles!  

Soon, the Christ child came to bless the house, but noticed that the tree was covered in the webs from the spiders.  Knowing that the mother and children would be mighty upset to see that the tree was covered in webs, the child decided to perform a miracle on the tree: He took the webs, and turned them into strands of silver and gold, giving life to the innocent present that the spiders left.  From that point on, it has been customary to put gold and silver on Christmas trees, as a reminder of all of the wonderful creatures out there today, and the joy that this time of year brings.

In many countries today, people place a spider or a spider web ornament on their trees, to signify both the beauty of all the creatures on the Earth, and of the meaning of Christmas.  Not only that, but it is considered good luck when you find a spider web on your tree.

Hopefully, you’ll take this story into consideration in these final days of preparing for Christmas, and perhaps spare that spider scurrying around from the fate of the shoe.

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