Keeping Pests at Bay This Labor Day

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Can you believe that Labor Day is already here?  It seems like yesterday was the start of the summer and it’s hard to believe that it’s slowly winding to a close.  There’s no better way to spend the last hoorah of summer than with the time-honored American tradition of a Labor Day cookout, but you should keep your eye out for plenty of unwanted creepy crawlies.  Join us today for a few easy tips you can employ to make sure pests stay out of your Labor Day celebration!

Take Time to Tidy Up

We know that you’re going to do it anyway but take the time before guests arrive to make sure that you clean out anything that can attract pests.  That means taking out the garbage, eliminating any standing water, and moving trash and recycling cans away from where you plan to serve food. In addition, make sure that all eating surfaces are wiped down with some sort of all-purpose cleaner, as the clean scent left behind will work wonders to keep pests away.

Cover Food When Serving

Your guests will love your famous dishes, but so will flies, ants, and all sorts of creepy crawlies.  Do you and your guests a favor by covering any food you are serving with some sort of lid. Indeed, many of those aluminum trays come with lids, so just be sure to prop it on when guests are not serving themselves.  Not only will this keep the food warmer for longer, but it will also provide a barrier that flies won’t be able to get through. Even covering serving dishes with some plastic wrap will do the trick—just don’t keep it exposed for too long.  Doubly true for leftovers: once you’re done with the food, wrap it up and put it inside! 

Break Out the Fans

Believe it or not, placing fans around works wonders for keeping out pests.  Whether you’re inside or outside, putting some fans around where people are eating and where the food is kept will steer flies away from landing on someone’s plate—literally.  It’s the same principle of trying to swim upstream against a fast current, but on a much smaller scale against a critter that is nowhere nearly as strong as you. No need for high power here; a simple battery-operated fan by your food will make it tough for pests to get close.  

Most of All, Enjoy It

Labor Day only comes once a year, and it serves as a great time to welcome in the fall and football season with family and friends.  Regardless of the creepy crawlies out there, make sure to enjoy the day (and food) with everyone you love.

From all of us at Tri-County Pest Control, we wish you and your family a very happy Labor Day!

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