Keeping Pest At Bay This Labor Day

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Can you believe that Labor Day is already here?  It seems just like yesterday was the start of the summer, and now it is slowly winding to a close.  Well, what better way to spend the last hoorah of summer than with a cookout, which many Americans are planning to do…just make sure pests don’t end up on the guest list.  Join us today for a few easy tips you can employ to make sure pests stay out of your Labor Day celebration!

Tidy Up

We know that you’re going to do it anyway, but take the time before guests arrive to make sure that you clean out anything that can attract pest.  Take out the garbage, eliminate any standing water, and be sure to place trash and recycling cans away from where you plan to serve food.  In addition, make sure that all eating surfaces are wiped down, as these can attract pests as well.

Lock Down

With any food that you are serving, try to keep it closed at all times.  If you’re serving outside, make sure each container has a lid and that you’re putting them on to contain the smell.  One great alternative for this is to serve your food inside and then allow guests to come out with plate.  This method not only keeps the pests from rifling through your potato salad, but makes clean up easier for you.

Cool Off

We may be in a bit of a cold front right now, but that doesn’t mean a few strategically placed fans won’t be a good idea.  They’ll keep your guests cool, and keep pests away.  No need for high power here; a simple battery operated fan by your food will make it tough for pests to get close.  Ever tried to swim against the current of a fast moving current?  Same principle at work.

Enjoy it

Labor Day only comes once a year, and it serves as a great time to welcome in the fall and football season with family and friends.  Regardless of the creepy crawlies out there, enjoy the day (and food) with everyone you love.

From all of us at Tri-County Pest Control, we wish you and your family a very happy Labor Day!

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