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You may think that it’s just another one of grandma’s stories that moths will chomp holes through the clothes in your closet, but nothing can be further from the truth.  Indeed, there are still plenty of moths in today’s world that will make a meal out of your sweaters, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pull out those awful-smelling mothballs to prevent it.  Keep reading on to see how why moths find your clothes appetizing, and how you can keep them at bay with almost no cost!

So, why do moths, the critters that love to fly around light, decide to hide in a dark closet and eat through your favorite Christmas sweater?  Well, it turns out that there are several species of moths, and can be simplified into essentially two categories—those who love the light, and those who love the dark.  Common house moths are part of the former, but species like the webbing clothes moths comprise the latter.  These moths rarely leave dark areas, yet they are not the main reason why your clothes have holes in them—their larvae are.  

Instinct tells these moths to lay their eggs on keratin-rich surfaces, so that their young have the ability to eat once they hatch.  For these critters, that means that your clothes will be the perfect place to lay eggs, since materials such as wool are very rich in this keratin protein.  Therefore, it can be implied that the longer you have moths in your closet, the more holes you will find in your clothes.

Okay, so now we know why they do the things they do, but what does this mean for you and how can you prevent this from happening?  Besides doing the obvious, like eliminating points of entry into your home and making sure that your screens are intact, you can use scents to your advantage to keep them out.  No, don’t reach for the passed-down mothballs, but rather for a block of cedar.  Turns out, the sweet smelling wood turns moths away, and it’s pretty effective.  Just be sure to sand down the block of wood every 3 months or so to rejuvenate the smell, and leave it in your closet for some cost-effective pest defense…not to mention fresh-smelling clothes!

In addition, you can always make cleaning a priority, since this will eliminate the amount of area where the moths can hide and the clothes that they can chomp.  Specifically, remove old clothes that you don’t wear anymore (it will make your life feel more organized, anyway) and try to move any wool items from the closet into a dresser, where it may be harder for moths to access.

However, when it seems that all is lost, know that you are never alone.  The pest-control professionals at Tri-County Pest Control are always here to help, and we are always just one call away from making your pest problems disappear.  

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