Got winter weather? Get Tri-County’s tips on how to keep pests at bay!

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For some of us and our customers and clients, Mother Nature has given us a little preview of the eventual
winter weather that will most likely affect us this season. With winter precipitation and conditions come concerns about keeping pests out of your home. Here are some tips from us on how to control these issues when the weather becomes, well, less than wonderful.

Ice: Following either an ice storm or rain when thereafter the temperature quickly drops, beware of what are called “ice dams”. Ice dams can be found on roofs and in gutters where ice can pile up and therefore keep the rest from melting. This can eventually lead to standing water which can cause damage in ceilings and drywall – inviting pests such as rodents and carpenter ants to gain access.

Snow: Yet another culprit. Most species in the rodent family will try to find their way indoors by any means possible when it snows. You will want to inspect your home thoroughly for any cracks or potential points of entry into your home and seal them up before this occurs.

Wind: When the winds are whipping they can sometimes be strong enough to damage your roof singles – and these cracks can prove extremely inviting for pests to make their way in. It is important to check your roof from time to time – especially following a blustery storm.

Rain: Standing water and leaks can lead to attracting termites or carpenter ants. Make sure to check on this issues during and after any large thaw – but don’t wait until springtime – it will be entirely too late by then.

No matter the weather, call us if any issues arrive! It’s better to be out in front and put into please preventative measures than attempting to eradicate any infestation.

Hope everyone stays warm and dry this winter!




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