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The leaves are turning, the weather is cooling, and football is back once more—it is the start of fall in the Mid-Atlantic.  While the fall equinox may be at the end of the week, it is never too early to start thinking about pest defense, and how you can keep your home pest-free this fall.  Join us today, as we showcase some of the common fall pests you may encounter, and how to keep them out for good.


From mice to squirrels and every other rodent in-between, they all will be scrambling to find shelter once the weather starts to turn, and your home may be on their list.  Their cute and cuddly appearance may deceive you, as these critters can carry many pathogens that can be harmful to you and your family.  To make matters worse, these pests are arguably some of the tougher ones to defend against, because of their ability to squeeze into the smallest of spaces.  For defense, do a quick check of your exterior to make sure that there are no holes or openings in the siding, and trim back any branches that are close to your house.  In addition, doing some proactive fall cleaning will reduce clutter, and consequently reduce the places where they can hide.


Oh the roach—the bane of every homeowner’s existence.  One roach often spells doom, as they are incredibly social creatures.  However, just because they will start to look for shelter in the colder months doesn’t mean that you have to host them,  Take a proactive approach to these bugs by decluttering your home and by storing any leftover food in airtight containers.  Roaches are notable for their ability to smell food from far distances, so clean up after every meal to reduce the chance of them getting in your home.


Like all the pests before them, spiders will try to seek shelter once the weather begins to turn cold.  They are beneficial insects when outside, but when inside, certain species can be a threat to you, such as the brown recluse spider, which can inject a venom that will kill living tissue.  Should you see one of these in your home, be sure to give us a call immediately to remove it, alongside any other friends that may have gone unnoticed.  Otherwise, de-clutter your home (the brown recluse loves to live in clutter (hence the “recluse” part of their name)), and keep outside holes and cracks to a minimum.

Fall is a beautiful time to be with your family, and household pests should be nowhere near that picture.  To keep them out for good, give us a call today for a comprehensive pest-defense plan that is sure to make your autumn a pest-free one!

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