Easy Tips to Prevent Head Lice

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It is getting closer and closer to back-to-school time in the Mid-Atlantic, which means bagged lunches, school supplies, and homework sheets will be ubiquitous throughout homes everywhere.  However, one critter is looking to hole up in your home, and plans to use your child to get there: lice. Lice can be one of the worst fears a parent can have for their child, and with the new research documenting that “super lice” are becoming more and more common (lice that are immune to over-the-counter treatments), lice prevention has never been more of a focus than now.  So, keep on reading for a few easy tips to help prevent your child from getting lice this school year!

Sometimes, Don’t Share

Among the many things that you teach your child throughout the school year, teach them not to share objects that touch the head.  Lice often use items such as a hat or a comb to get from one person to another. By teaching your children not to share objects that other kids have used, you can cut down the chance of them getting lice.  Helmets, towels, earbuds, brushes, and hair clips, in addition to shared spaces such as lockers, closests, and drawers, are all fair game for lice, so make sure your child knows not to share these with other students!

Good Hygiene = Good Lice Prevention

Not only that, but encouraging your children to maintain proper hygiene habits will also go a long way in combating lice.  Regular showers, with shampoo, will keep some lice at bay, as a dirty scalp often invites lice to hop over and play. You can even take it a step further and mix some tea tree oil into the shampoo to drive away lice.  Many people find it to be a pleasant smell, and lice find it to be repulsing!

Early Detection is the Best Kind of Detection

If you happen to get notice that there is a lice outbreak in the school your child attends, it’s important that you check their hair right away.  This goes without saying, but the sooner you catch lice, the easier it is to treat them. Comb through your child’s hair, and look for small white nits, which are the eggs.  Should you find one, immediately go for the over-the-counter treatment options, or see your doctor for something a little stronger. Either way, early detection is the best policy.

A new school year means plenty of new adventures: make sure lice isn’t one of them.  Just stick to these tips, and you won’t have to worry!

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