DIY Pest Control: What You Need to Know

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In a world where the answers to almost anything is online, many people are turning to do-it-yourself, or DIY, solutions to their everyday problems.  Car troubles? There’s a video for that. Dishwasher not working quite right? You can pull up about a dozen articles for your specific make and model.  Name your problem and you can probably find an article or video claiming to have the fix in it, but that becomes much harder when it comes to pests. Sure, there are hundreds of articles on how to deal with an infestation on your own, but how effective are the solutions they offer?  Keep on reading to find out!

Unlike most Internet articles, content that touts real DIY pest control often deals with only the symptoms and not the problem.  For example, it’s much easier to tell that the air conditioning compressor on your car is the reason as to why your A/C is not working and where you can find it via a video than it is to tell you exactly where the family of mice is hiding in your home.  Instead, some pest control DIY articles will give you tips on how to catch certain critters, but depending on the type of pest, it will not do much to rectify the problem. Take the brown recluse spider, for example. Sure, buying a couple of glue traps might be good for catching some of them, but depending on your individual situation, it may not do much to help.  Quite often, female brown recluse spiders will stay in hiding while their male counterparts venture off. Therefore, you may only be catching the male spiders with your traps, leaving the female one able to lay more eggs, which in turn does nothing for your pest problem.

Since every pest situation is unique, there is no cookie-cutter approach to your problem, which is where many DIY solutions run amok.  Your car and dishwasher are a different story, as plenty of experts have the same make and model as you and can show you how to fix certain things.  However, people online may not know what type of environment you live in, what time of year it is, what kind of house you have, and many other factors which contribute to a sensible approach to pest management.  A solution that works in Arizona may not work in the mid-Atlantic, which is why it is always best to turn to the professionals when you have a pest problem in your home. There’s no hassle, no risk of your kids accidentally tampering with a trap you laid out, and no worries that the treatment will not address the root problem when you turn to a team that you can trust.

When you have a pest problem on your hands, don’t deal with the symptoms—go after the problem.  Go with a pest control team you can trust. Go with Tri-County Pest Control.

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