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With the summer hiatus approaching, temperatures will drop, bringing new, unwanted pests into your home. These critters seek shelter from the approaching cold, but thankfully, the team at Tri-County Pest Control has identified a few of these fellas, and ways to prevent them from getting into your humble abode.

The first pest on our fall blacklist is the rodent. These can be anything, from mice to raccoon to opossums, and everything in between. These guys will be knocking on your door in the next few months, looking for food and shelter from the cold. But be wary of opening your door to these critters, for most carry diseases and can burrow in the most inconspicuous part of your home.

Another moocher in the cold weather is the cockroach, who can’t bear to stand the cooling temperatures. The roaches enter to find food (they will eat just about anything under the sun) and water, and they have an uncanny ability to settle in almost any nook or cranny they can find, making them a pain for a homeowner to remove all of them at once.

Those arachnophobes out there won’t be too happy that another pest that seeks shelter from colder weather is the spider. Now, while most spiders try to avoid human contact (even some are considered beneficial) spiders like the Brown Recluse Spider or the Black Widow (both common in our region) can bite when threatened, and inject venom while they do it, which can lead to health complications.

Now, lucky for you dear reader, there are preventative measures to keep these pests out of your home, and you have just enough time to put up a defense before fall sets in. All of these critters enter through a crack, hole, or an opening in your screens, sidings, utility pipings, and foundations. Make sure to check up on them, and repair the seals if you find a defect anywhere.

That should be enough to keep the pests out, but if you ever find yourself with an infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Tri-County Pest Control. We’ll take them out, and keep them out.

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