Common Pest Control Myths

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In a field such a pest control, where it is unfamiliar to most people, coupled in with the internet, you better believe that some strange myths pop up here and there.  From the thought that a visit from a company can cause more pests to show up, and the loss of appetite after a treatment, we have heard it all.  However, we think that it’s time to put some of these misconceptions to rest.  Join us today as we take a look at our favorite misconceptions, and give you the truth about them!

1.Do-It-Yourself Pest-Control Works Just as Good as Professional Pest-Control


This is by far one of the most wide-spread misconception, and one that can cause great confusion.  Despite what you find on various websites online, DIY pest control is not the same as professional pest control, and they are not interchangeable.  Now, while DIY pest control is fantastic in certain situations (no need to call us in when you have a moth flying around your kitchen light) it can be devastating in other situations.  One example is with termites:  DIY solutions seldom work on these critters, and can further put the foundation of your home into jeopardy, or even exacerbate the infestation.  For these heavy-hitter pests, it is always best to call in the professionals and get them out for good.

2.Pest-Control Treatments are Health Risks


Here is yet another common misconception that can deter people from seeking professional pest-control solutions.  While there are some chemicals that can cause harm to both you and your family, many pest-control companies do not employ them anymore, in favor of more eco-friendly and healthier alternatives.  So long as the chemicals required for treatment are handled in a safe, and professional way, there is virtually no risk to your health.  However, it is always good prudence to ask what chemicals will be used before the treatment is instituted.  

3.No Visible Pest=No Problem


One of the biggest problems with pest-control (especially DIY control) is that people believe that since they don’t see a pest, there are no more pests.  To put it bluntly, this notion is completely untrue.  Many times, there are pests lurking in areas that you cannot see, and ones that can only be found by pest-control professionals.  By consulting with a professional, they’ll be able to tell you the severity of the infestation, and how many treatments you can expect until the critters are gone for good.

There may be myths about pest-control out there, but one thing is absolutely true concerning the field: Tri-County Pest Control can take care of any problem that you may have.  Big or small, tiny or scary, we can handle any infestation you may have, no matter what it is.

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