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When we think of pests and pest control, we generally think about the pests you may find in your home, or the pests that you may track back to it after a short stay somewhere else.  However, even though these are the pests that people are most worried about, pests can be lurking somewhere else near and dear to you—in your car.  Join us today, as we show you the different types of pests that you may find in your car, and how to defend against them!

While the different kinds of pests that you can see in your care is basically endless, you are most likely to see spiders, roaches, flies, gnats, and even rodents in inside.  These pests can find their way inside through a variety of ways, including sneaking in when the door is open, crawling in through a cracked window, or even finagling their way through the ventilation system to get into the passenger compartment of your car.  One of the main things that make car pests a problem is the closed environment that they’re in—once inside, they can lay eggs that will exacerbate the infestation.  Now, while a lack of food will eventually starve them out, some pests have adapted to live without food for weeks, meaning that your car infestation may not go away anytime soon.

To defend against these car infestations, one golden rule applies that goes towards defending your home from a plethora of pests—keeping it clean.  By keeping your car tidy, you limit the chances that pests will want to go inside, as most pests try to look for food whenever they car.  Simple changes like a weekly vacuum at the carwash or limiting the amount of food that people eat inside of it can very easily bolster your pest defenses, all without a whole lot of effort on your part.

Another easy way to defend against car pests is to make a sweet-smelling solution that doubles as a pest-repellant and an air freshener.  Mix together vinegar and lemon or vanilla and spray/wipe the inside of your car with it.  This fragrance will ward off spiders and the like, while improving the smell of your car.  Alternatively, leaving some essential oils or sprays of peppermint, lavender, or eucalyptus will also keep pests away while keeping your car smelling great!

Car pests may seem like they’re hard to beat, but with a little bit of effort, you can make sure that your car stays pest-free.  As always, if you need more pest advice for your car or even a treatment, one call to us is all you need.

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