What to do with those Christmas Tree pests

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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year – and with the season can unfortunately come some unwanted pests into your home.

But, how are these pests exactly infiltrating your space?

Perhaps in the least thought about way possible.

That’s right – they’re hitchhiking via your Christmas tree!

We agree with you, there’s nothing like the scents of evergreen filling your home, but when you bring that live or cut tree indoors, you’re running the risk of having a few extra guests for the holidays, too!

Most of the time, however, the types of pests that make Christmas trees home are not likely to be destructive to yours. They’re used to the forest habitat and your home environment could not support them for long. In fact, most pests that live on Christmas trees will die soon after you bring them inside.

Aphids, mites and scale insects are known to inhabit Christmas trees, as well as bark beetles and praying mantis. They are also a good and safe harbor for spiders.

The tried and true way to leave these tree huggers outside is to inspect the tree before you bring it into your home. Whether they cause damage or not, it’s highly likely you won’t want these pests roaming about inside.

Additionally, you’ll want to shake it vigorously to dislodge any spiders and insects.

In the event you do find some that make it inside, never, ever spray  spray aerosol pesticides on your Christmas tree because they are highly flammable. It is much safer to vacuum up any live or dead pests you find.

In the event you should be overwhelmed with an infiltration, just call on our Tri-County experts for assistance.

Otherwise, enjoy your beautiful tree and the holiday season!

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  • Deanna

    I was unaware that so many pests were potentially present in Christmas trees. This is terrifying. I will be inspecting my tree and home immediately when I get home. Thank you for the education!

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