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The warmer weather means that while you will be out and about more often, but so will all sorts of critters.  While you may do your best to defend against them, sometimes bug bites will happen. When they do, don’t fret, as there are some easy, home remedies you can implement to feel better in no time.  Keep on reading to find out more!

Typically, when a bug decides to take a chomp out of you, your body will react in a variety of ways.  First, your body will swell up, which will cause a great degree of itching and discomfort. When this strikes, the best thing you can do is to keep the area cool which will help to reduce swelling and thus overall discomfort.  For bites from mosquitoes, spiders, ants, and other critters which won’t leave behind a stinger, our best advice is to grab some ice cubes and place them right on the spot. As it melts down, the swelling should go down while providing some well-needed cool relief to your skin.

Yet, ice alone may not take away all of the discomfort associated with a bug bite.  There are other home remedies that you can try, some of which have been used since the beginning of time.  Honey, for example, is a tried and true remedy for dealing with bug bites, as the chemical properties of the honey react with the bite to provide soothing relief and will help reduce inflammation—just be warned that you will get sticky in the process.  Another traditional remedy is to use tea: take a few tea bags, soak them in water, and place them directly on your skin. You can credit this discovery to the ancient Chinese, who would use tea as a catch-all remedy for all sorts of ailments. Finally, a common home remedy for a bug bite is to apply calamine lotion.  You may have heard of this before, but it should not discredit the soothing properties it has to reduce the itchiness of a bites.

However, there are limitations to what home remedies can do, and they should not supplant the place of professional medical advice.  If a bite will not go away despite your best efforts, then it may be time to consult a medical professional to see if it is indicative of a more serious issue.  Furthermore, if you are bit by a bug and experience any combination of dizziness, hives, a rapid pulse, or trouble breathing, it may be a sign that you are having an allergic reaction and should seek immediate medical attention.

Even with the best precautions and defense plans, bug bites may happen in the outdoors, so being prepared now may go a long way over the spring and summer.  Yet, by working with a professional pest control company now to establish a comprehensive defense plan, you can be assured that bug bites will not happen in your home.  Feel free to call us today for a free quote!

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