A Pest-Free Independence Day Cookout

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To all of our fans out there, let us first and foremost wish you a happy Independence Day-eve!  Tomorrow is bound to be a packed day filled with fireworks, hot dogs, and great times, but you can be assured that some bugs will want to crash the party.  Keep on reading to see which ones to watch out for, and how you can keep them out of the patriotic parties!


If there is food involved in the outdoors, you can be assured that the ant is not too far away. These guys have an incredible sense of smell, and can pick up those sizzling hamburgers and juicy watermelon from a ways away.  Should you be grilling the good ‘ol American way (read: charcoal grill), then you can take some briquettes, crumble them up, and spread them around the perimeter of your backyard to keep ants out—ants hate the smell of charcoal, and will not dare to cross the line.  Alternatively, you can create your own ant repellent spray by combining one part vinegar with three parts water into a spray bottle, and going to town around the areas that commonly see ant problems.

Bees and Wasps

Not only can you expect a ground assault tomorrow, but you can also count on some curious flyers to come around to your cookout site.  Bees will typically keep to themselves, but the critter you need to really look out for is the wasp, as it just seems like the summer weather amps up their aggression level.  To keep at bay, you can create your own bee/wasp trap (there are plenty of guides online), or you can simply pop open a can of soda and place it at the edge of your party area.  Since both these critters love the sweet smell of soda, you can draw them away from the main eating area by sacrificing a can. Just be sure that the kids don’t wander over and take it during the party!


As the sun sets on your patriotic bash, the mosquitoes are bound to come out of the woodwork.  Although they are annoying in their own right, you can offset the assault with the use of citronella candles around the table.  Didn’t have time to run to the store beforehand? No problem, as the age-old trick of rubbing a dryer sheet or spritzing mouthwash over your body will keep you bite-free as you watch the fireworks.

Tomorrow is a day for celebration—not for pest problems.  Stick to these tips, and you’ll be good to go.

For more pest control tips and tricks, be sure to check back to our blog regularly!

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