A Guide to a Pest-Free Halloween

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Halloween is finally upon us, Tri-County Pest Control fans!  In just a couple days, the spookiest night of the year is front and center and those lawn decorations finally have their night.  Whether you plan to join the costume-bearers this year or stay at home and pass out goodies to those who come to your door, there are a few things you should be aware of for pest defense.  Read on how you can make your Halloween a pest-free one!

If You’re Out and About

For those going out on the town, you are going to need to watch out for those pesky, dusk-time critters, such as the mosquito.  Even though it’s a little colder this time of year, mosquitoes can still be active, so make sure that you’re wearing clothes that fully cover the body.  For some extra defense for you and the kids, feel free to apply bug spray or wipe down your extremities with a dryer sheet. Yes, it really works, and it can do wonders to prevent mosquitoes from raining on your parade.

Another creepy critter to keep your eyes out for are ticks, especially if you will be trekking in wooded or grassy areas.  Their tiny size lets them slip past unnoticed, so be sure to check for ticks when you turn in for the night. An easy way to prevent them is to ensure that the clothes or costume being worn covers the entire body and limits the amount of space where a tick can latch on.  Or dress as a bird. They are terrified as birds. Seriously.

If You’re Handing Out Candy

For those staying at home and giving out the goodies, pests can still be a problem.  Critters love an easy way to get into the house, and by keeping your door open the whole time to hand out the good stuff provides a great opportunity for them.  Try your best to limit the amount of time you have your door open, as a spider or fly might take their chance and make a bolt for it.

Also, if you are just leaving out a bowl of candy for the kids to take at their leisure, make sure you bring in the leftovers once the night is over.  Leaving out those sweets gives plenty of reason to attract rodents of all sorts, so just be sure to clean up before you turn in. But let’s be honest: you probably won’t have any candy left in that bowl anyway.  Regardless, the lingering scent will attract critters, so just take the time and leave it inside.

No matter what role you plan to play on Halloween, we hope that it will be a fun, memorable, and pest-free time!

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    Great tips. It was a good Halloween. Here’s to many more!

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