5 Things To Do In Every Hotel Room

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Traveling can be great, and bringing back memories is the highlight of taking any trip.  Yet, of all the things to take back, you really don’t want to take bedbugs back with you, as one of the common ways that they can infest your home is through hitching a ride back from a shared space such as a hotel.  So, we’ve put together this list of 5 things you should do in every hotel room when traveling to limit the chances of them coming back, and the best part is: it’ll only take you 5 minutes to do it!

  1. Put Luggage on Luggage Stand



Right when you enter a room, do not place your luggage on the ground, because if there are bedbugs present in the room, they can crawl from the floor right into your belongings.  Instead, immediately head towards the luggage stand, give it a quick inspection for bedbugs, and place your luggage on it.

  1. Peel Back the Sheets

Now comes the time to actually check for bedbugs.  Since these critters will want to stay near their food source (read: you!) checking the bed should be your first priority.  Peel back the sheets at all corners of the bed and look for little rust-colored spots about the size of these periods (which are bedbug feces), blood smears, or actual bedbugs.  Should you find any of these, call the front desk immediately and ask for a new room, but keep your distance because they will latch onto anything, including your clothes, and ride it all the way back home!

  1. Check the Headboard and Framing

Once you have checked the actual mattress, move to checking the headboard and frame of the bed.  Look for the same things as before.

  1. Inspect the Bedside Furniture/Cabinet

Once the headboard and the frame are cleared, move over to the bedside furniture, which can also serve as the perfect place for bedbugs to hide.  Open the drawers, check under the lamp, and make sure that you don’t miss a small crevice.

  1. Check Wardrobe and Drawers

Finally, pull out the drawers in the wardrobe or dresser or closet or whatever the hotel has to store belongings in.  Since bedbugs have the tendency to latch onto clothes, you need to check these areas as well, as a previous guest may have stored bedbug-ridden clothes in there.  Look for the same things that you were looking for on the bed—and again, should you find any, demand a new room immediately.

While you can’t control where you find bedbugs (ranging from the most pristine hotel rooms to full rental properties) you can have a say in preventing an infestation in your home.  Stick to these tips whenever you travel, and you should be good to go.

Yet, always know that we are ready and willing to help—just give us a call!

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