Rainy Pests

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In the South Jersey area this weekend, we have definitely seen our fair share of rain, with even more on the way.  While the rain may be getting you down, it’s brings another reason for pests to start wandering around.  So this week, we’re going to tell you the different types of pests that become active during and after rain, and how to defend against them.

One of the reasons that you’ll start to see increased pest activity after a rainstorm is because the rain will soften up the ground, making it easier for both water to get in and for pests to get out of their homes.  Certain types of pests that live underground, like ants, absolutely hate the rain, and will scurry away at the first sense of it.  After the rain has gone, one of the first things you should be checking for is to see if an army of ants have made their way inside your humble abode.  Provided that your weather stripping is in good condition, and that there are no entry points on your siding or foundation, you should be good, but it never hurts to double check.  Places to look include right by the door, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and basement.

As you are on your merry way with the ant-hunt, be sure to keep your eyes out for cockroaches too.  Cockroaches, like ants, are cold-blooded critters, which means that their body temperature is directly related to the environment.  When the cold rain hits them, they shiver and look for warm shelter, which very well could be your home.  You’ll tend to find cockroaches in the same spots where you’ll find ants, but you’ll also need to check those hard-to-reach places, as they love getting cozy in there.

Regarding both ants and cockroaches, the golden rule is: If there is one, there shall be others.  Both pests are social creatures, and they tend to multiply like crazy.  So, should you find a singular ant or roach, chances are very good there are others afoot.  If you find yourself placed in a situation like that, a quick call to us will remedy the whole situation, even in the case of a massive infestation.

The rain may not be fun, but it brings much more than just a cancellation of plans.  After the rain we had this weekend, and the rain we are slated to have over the next few days, do yourself a favor and do a quick check-up on your home.  It won’t take too much time, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Stay dry out there!

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